Monday, 10 August 2015

Day 9 Creativity - Inside my Fleece Store

Since moving we have replaced an old shed near the house with a new 'workshop', the main aim of this to make a fleece store. Any other textile related things that fit in will be a bonus.

Outside with dyeing paraphernalia ready for more dyeing  
Difficult to get a good inside view but this is it.

My aim is that my entire fleece collection fits on these two shelves, lovingly (?!) made by DH.
An impressive number of fleeces, many which are rare breed. Ideally I like to store the fleece in old pillowcases, and have a method for treating the opening so that it is as moth unfriendly as possible. I store fleece washed and 'as they come' and my thoughts on which is best have changed over the years but more on that later possibly. However, I never have enough bags for my fleece. You will have guessed why!

But I feel as if I have just got a free gift to help. We inherited 2 pairs of very heavy navy curtains in the room which is to be the sewing room. I had thought to give them to the Heart Foundation (my chosen charity) but they are very badly faded at the front edges. This is because one window in the room gets glorious morning sun and the other one gets glorious afternoon and evening sun. It is a super light room. I hate to seem to waste things. On looking at the curtains the linings looked very good, nice cream cotton and yes you've guessed it - just right for more fleece bags! Repurposing in Action.

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