Sunday, 9 August 2015

Creativity Day 7 - Spinning Norfolk Horn fleece

Had a busy day decorating the Sewing Room 'to be' - more later.

Then a restful evening spinning the delightful Norfolk Horn fleece ( blog post May 31st 2015)
25g here. All hand combed as it is such a lovely fleece- hopefully more spinning tomorrow evening - although my mind is on more dyeing, so many tempting plants around just now.

If you look back at the previous discussion of Norfolk Horn fleece. Yes, the FSM method of washing the fleece was great, as I always find it is. And yes, I did get more Norfolk Horn Fleece as it is so fantastic to spin. I have now spun it singles lace thinness, just like Shetland to my surprise and thicker 'approx 4 ply / DK' . Will do more accurate measurements when it is washed - and possibly dyed!!!

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