Sunday, 31 May 2015

Norfolk Horn Fleece

Since our return to live in Norfolk I have been keen to acquire a Norfolk Horn Fleece. It is in the 'at risk' category of Rare Breeds. Through a chance comment on Facebook  and via a couple of helpful people I was told of a shepherd / farmer with some fleece.  I was delighted to find it actually came from the nearby village of Besthorpe where I was born. How amazing is that!
So last Sunday we met and I came home with one, it looked a super fleece and I was keen to spin it. The one I decided on weighed just over a couple of kilos.
However, my favourite method of 'washing' a fleece is the fermented suint method ( see entries here on 8 Feb 2014 and 1 Sept 2015 for my method. So on Tuesday I spread the fleece out - it's in great condition so I skirted the fleece and just removed about 500g then split the remainder  in half and half is now 'washing itself' . 

I took a few locks off the remainder - see the before and after washing photos. 
Before washing

After washing
I did wash these locks in hot water and washing up liquid. Then I have hand combed these and spun them  mainly worstead  about 'shop bought' 4 ply thickness. The skein is lovely, very smooth  and quite springy.

The tiny skein

Now looking forward to Tuesday to see how the FMS washed fleece is. I will then be able to spin more - think I might try Aran thickness next. Very tempted to see if I can get some more of this lovely fleece although I have a large fleece stock and promised myself to set about spinning more from my stash.