Monday, 28 December 2015

Replacement Ironing Board Cover

A very damp Christmas Sunday following 2 glorious family days of celebration seemed like the ideal time to get a sewing project done in my 'new' sewing room. I was hoping for 'time' as a Christmas present and this looked just like that.

The ironing board had been looking 'tired' for some time and way back in the autumn I had bought wadding and bright yellow cotton gingham to recover it and hope to make it an item I liked and was proud of - not embarrassed to use.

On looking at the cover, the key to success seemed to be to use fine cord around the edge of the cover, this would enable it to be pulled tight and make a good fit. The cord on the current iron board cover was not in a fabric channel all the way along.


Suddenly inspiration hit! Would my stash of ruffles curtain tape have something suitable in it? Answer yes, just the thing - curtain lining tape. I could stitch the raw edge of the cover between the 2 layers of the tape and then pull up the cord.

The reality was slightly more complicated and needed a join or two as I didn't have quite a long enough single length. But it worked brilliantly and the project didn't take long at all.

It looked so good that I covered the little table top ironing board to match.

Now when I use them hopefully they will bring joy rather than irritation that they are still on the 'sewing projects uncompleted' list. Definitely one of those jobs that I spend a long time thinking about and less time completing. Does that ring some bells?

(If you haven’t guessed the gingham fabric is so that I can line anything up that needs it when I am ironing! )