Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 18 Creativity - A sewing machine is a wondrous thing

My whole life, I have lived with a sewing machine, my mother was an ardent dressmaker and I can't remember at what age she let me use the machine. It was a hand turned Singer which I think taught me to be more dexterous than if I had been brought up with an electric one. So, when I have a problem with something in the house that's textile based I always assume I can solve it. Hand sewing or the machine will cope with everything.
Once I had the entrance hall looking so much better, my eyes turned to the blinds.
They looked like this ( bigger window):

I can live with the colour, but not the bottoms! I assumed a sewing machine would stitch through the strange fabric - and I was correct.

So starting with the smallest of the two I chopped the bottom off and made a new hem to hold the weighted rail. It was a little difficult stitching the blind with the wooden roller still in place but with the help of DH to support the roller all worked well. So on to the larger blind, this meant planning where the sewing table would be when I started and where I would move it to as I got closer to the end of the blind. Again success. That's at least £200 saved for the time being by this remodelling, to be spent on something else.......
(For the exra observant this is the smaller window)
Now why didn't I think of that when we moved here in November...... But we've had another thought - we will do the same with the kitchen blind. Now that is a seriously long blind and I will have to plan where to sit, when using the sewing machine, very carefully with that.....

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