Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 13 Creativity – Fine Crochet Lace

Monique who designs THE most amazing knitted lace/lace knitting mentioned on fb that she had taken a class in lace making – with bobbins.

This reminded me of when I spent some time learning the basics of bobbin lace. I just couldn’t get on with it. I had done quite a bit of crochet lace and preferred this. This got me thinking about the crochet lace that I had done and whether I could do it again.

I used (about 20 years ago!) to crochet round handkerchiefs! I bought the finest handkerchiefs in Switzerland and then would crochet round them, while I was on holiday in Switzerland and back home. I even subscribed to a German magazine to get some of the patterns and ideas for patterns ((Filethakeln).


And an enlarged view of the lace:

As you can imagine these are 'priceless' items, even if you ‘pay’ yourself the minimum wage.

I used the finest crochet cotton I could find DMC Cordonnet size 100- not unlike sewing thread. I used the smallest hook I could find (0.4mm) and wore magnifying glasses. Once started I mainly did this by feel as you can’t actually see the hook eye. I need to get my macro lens and tripod out to stand any hope of posting a decent photo of the hook end here!

I have used these handkerchiefs for years and they go in a boiling wash and yet they are still as new. I always have one in my handbag and it reminds me of sitting on top of a Swiss mountain crocheting.

I am keen to have another go- so have sorted out a hook and some thread and wonder if my eyes are up to it still. It is one of the best portable projects there is due to how little equipment you need. So there will be more about this later and that reminds me I also had a go at tatting and found that I was more successful at that than lace with bobbins too.  

You can see more about Monique’s lace knitting at

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