Sunday, 2 August 2015

A month of creativity - day 1 - vintage cushion cover

I hope to have a month of textile creativity - sheer bliss - and to keep a journal of that on my blog.

The month has started well. Last March (2014) I wrote about repurposing some vintage linen - into making a case for my iPod. This encouraged me to make what was a linen cushion cover into a bag. I like to carry a spare bag with me all the time when I am out. I have enjoyed using the one that I have made – this has also sparked many interesting conversations with people too. Also, I am unlikely to meet another whilst out shopping!

After going through my set of linen embroidered cushion covers from clearing my aunt's house I decided one of these was just right for right for a shopping bag.
Unfortunately all the green thread had reacted badly to the light and needed replacing.

This duly completed, I lined the bag with part of a surplus white linen table cloth from my stash. This had been my mother's.

Now in July 2015 much more of the embroidery needed replacing. So I have been doing this gradually through the month and August the 1st was washing day for the bag.
This is the result - very pleased with it and it has memories of both my mother and her sister.


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