Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 19 Creativity - Remodelling again

I do like to have useful items with me that have a story to tell, it helps make each day a little bit more special.
 I was an early user of a pocket computer. I think it was a compaq and was brilliant  as I could write on the screen with a stylus and also carry a comlete list of my textile books!  I made a fabric protective case for this. The case was from spare velveteen material I had used to make a suit for my 6 month old son to wear to attend a wedding. I used the navy as a background for the mountain flowers I embroidered, they are reminders of holidays taken in Switzerland.


Back of case ( showing 2 loops) so I could put this on a belt if I wished

But all this was a long time ago and the computer has now been superseded in my life by an iPod and iPad.

I do like to keep the main items like my iPad and iPod in handmade cases when in my handbag ( story of the iPad sleeve on blog of March 7th 2014
) and all the cases have a story to tell.
Now that I have moved on to have a touchscreen phone my iPod kindly gave up its smart Ikat woven case and has been without a case.

While searching through a box ( a regular occurrence as my textile things are not yet fully unpacked), I found my old Compac computer sleeve and thought I could make use of it again!

Unfortunately the case, as it is, is too big!

With some remodelling and relining it decided it would be ideal as my replacement iPod case.I decided to line it with my favourite printed silk left over from making my coat (more about the coat blogpost of February 1st 2012).

The finished item.
I will enjoy seeing it each day due to the story it tells and of course it will be useful protecting the iPod from the tumbles in my bag.

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