Monday, 3 August 2015

Creativity Day 2 : Portable pocket

Diss Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers are making a 'dressing gown' for the 60th anniversary challenge of the Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. The challenge is to produce 60 dressing gowns, to celebrate 60 years of the Association. Having looked at examples we decided our aim would be to also showcase weaving, spinning and dyeing at its best. We also wished to involve as many of the Guild as we could. Our contribution is to be a Saori styled 'dressing gown’.

 The weaving of the cloth took place on Saori Looms at Designers 21 in Diss where one of our members, Kim ( has her brilliant Saori Workshop. 3 lengths of material were woven which included a good proportion of hand spun and hand dyed yarn, all donated by members. On Friday 5 of us met to construct it into the 'dressing gown' (or rather a super coat) following the pattern Kim designed for us.

Another member is weaving a belt on an inkle loom and I have spent about a day using the tiny amount of material left to make a pocket that will go on the belt and not detract from the fantastic fabric of the jacket. In fact having made a sample portable pocket I have decided that I can find a use for several of these! The sewing group designed the draft for the pocket at the end of our construction marathon.
Portable pocket as a draft
Actual pocket using the oddment of weaving - the orange section is the front of the tube to carry the belt. The hand goes in to the pocket at the base of the orange section. The seam up the centre is because we wished to use both selvedges - so this just made the job a little more challenging!

I am sure I will write more about this later as we have more plans for the design and the jacket. It is a stunning item and we are delighted with our contribution.

N.B.The 'dressing gowns' are to be donated to Knit for Peace, a charity which will distribute them to people in the UK in fuel poverty
. I believe the handing over of the  ‘dressing gowns’ will take place at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in October.


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