Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pyjama Jacket

This is my January re-purposed item. I have been irritated by a leading brand of pyjama jacket that I bought a  while back . I liked the overall finish – the padded section at the back yoke, the hook on the back, the edging around the bottom and the velvet ribbon around the cuff.  I also prefer to support UK companies, although I can find out that the pyjamas are hand made (not sure what that means) but there is no country of origin mentioned. I think this means that they are UK made so another big plus for me.
Unfortunately on wearing, it was obvious that a short cut had been taken. The velvet sleeve ribbon trim rather than being turned under as one would expect to neaten had been heated and melted to seal. This was extremely uncomfortable when lent on and to my perfectionist tendencies spoilt the garment.

So, I decided that I could do better. I had a hardly worn ‘Oxford’ shirt in a great cotton fabric in a fantastic pink colour, much brighter than my uncomfortable one! What was even better was the fact that the shirt was virtually identical in size to the pyjama jacket. So the only challenge was the cuffs. Double cuffs and cufflinks are not actually suitable.
I duly removed the cuffs, stitched up the sleeve plackets and then decided that around the sleeve edge was the proper place for my satin binding - a little touch of luxury.

So with a little thought I have a very comfortable high quality cotton pyjama jacket and no more discomfort from a top that had, in my view,  a very unfortunate short cut.

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