Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cowl in fine lace machine knitting

Having knitted the Betty Mouatt cowl by  Kate Davies I had thought about what I really wanted from a cowl. (This one I regard as a collar)
So my criteria are:
Wear with my new 100% wool jumper that I designed and made
To have movement
Lace texture
To be a 'one- off'

I had several ideas and then thought I'd start a series... So the next few blogs are about this.

I have some very fine cream crepe yarn from Metropolitan Knitting. I have used it for several things but still seem to have lots left.
I have my own great machine knit 'tuck' texture pattern that I use so thought I'd combine the two.
I spent a time practising with my body model to get my ideal size and drape. To me getting the planning right is SO important.
The finished result is beyond my wildest dreams- the drape & colour are brilliant. All elements work well together & fully justify my design time.

I just love it and will do several in different colours & possibly alternative patterns.
It goes with the cream jumper beautifully and confirms my choice of doing a round neck on the jumper was a great decision.
So the first creative month of the year ended, but there are now two more cowls – so more soon.

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