Monday, 4 February 2013


This is a bit of a cheat as there is one basic pattern, but 3 projects.

I initially knitted one of these in 2006 and it is still going strong and got lots of great comments when worn as a summer top. With the very cold weather I intend this current set to be under layers!

My aim being that they will fit perfectly, be something I have made and so hopefully will love, use up some of my yarn & not use up air miles as all the ones in the shops seem to come an awfully long way. To my mind they do not cost enough for the workers to be paid sensibly!

The original was machine knitted and I used acrylic which I steam pressed (on purpose) to ‘kill’ the yarn and make it very flexible. I hand knitted the ribs afterwards as I wanted a very loose edge. The picot edging at the top front is made by crochet. The side seams are using my custom finish on my Janome.

I decided to use acrylic again as I quite like the finish and there are no worries using a normal wash in the washing machine.

The first I knitted in this batch was cream. I used my previous pattern (drawn from my own body block). I decided to make it a slightly looser tension- to hug slightly less. To add a bit of luxury I added satin binding under the arms. Being a perfectionist I spent a long time getting just the right finish. It is nice but I am not sure I will repeat it.

I then made another in cream but without the satin. I like it just as much as the one with the satin. It does seem a bit wasted under the arm.  However, I have in my mind another project for the satin edging!

So then I moved back to the pink and made one in pink, a slightly tighter hug. So now I have three choose from, depending on my mood: cream but a bit of luxury satin, plain cream or tightly hugging pink!

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