Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cream Knit Jumper

This was a project I had been planning for ages and winter hibernation enabled me to complete it. I find a cream/ off white jumper to be a very useful wardrobe staple.
I have found it impossible to find one to buy. My criteria are not unreasonable - 100% wool; not super fine but not bulky, sleeves
that do not reach over my hands; length that doesn’t go way beyond my hips; round neck.
So the solution is to 'design' my own and produce it by machine knitting. About a year ago I led a workshop to make a personal fit 'bodice' block - the aim being to use this for a stretch jersey or knitted top.
So I had the block, the yarn I chose was Yeoman's merino Polo (2/30Nm).
I spent some time experimenting to get a firm rib cast on and to produce a virtually invisible shoulder join. I use my own custom fit neckline and  I do  the main construction using my Janome sewing machine.
Obviously so fine a knit in such a light colour in a plain stocking stitch leaves nowhere to hide. Any error will show.
The result is a jumper I love, with a perfect fit and it's wonderfully warm. The added bonus is that I can knit another from the remaining yarn.

In terms of time this has been expensive but I enjoy the process of making and I have (to me) a perfect jumper!
I have chosen a round neck jumper on purpose as I will now design a number of neckline accessories to enable the jumper to have several different looks - all part of my drive towards a sustainable wardrobe.

More details of the jumper details are on web site under 'knitting'.

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