Saturday, 2 February 2013

A creative month of January

January is just finished and what a creative month it has been due mainly to hibernating thanks to the weather- either heavy rain or snow.
The result being I have nine completed projects.

I am trying to follow my ‘philosophy’. The image shows this displayed in my studio above my ‘demonstration’ clothes! On top of this I am using natural fibres wherever I can; trying to use fibres and fabrics from my store ; using my design and making skills and only ending up with things that I really love and are special.
(It says retain, reduce, recycle, repair, repurpose, remodel, refit)
So the completed list goes:
Lace collar- hand knit in wool with cochineal naturally dyed yarns

Camisoles*- own design then machine knitted, three completed

Virtually new Oxford (cotton) shirt re purposed into pyjama jacket

My 'house' favourite cotton cardigan saved from landfill by a cunning repair

Slippers knitted (Icelandic wool) then felted - kit from a friend

Cream fine merino wool machine knit jumper - again to my own design & block

Fine lace cowl*- machine knit

The asterisked (*) ones are in synthetic materials – reasons explained later

The tenth project won't be completed until this month. It is a felt cloche hat that I need to work with in a workshop I am teaching. Let's hope for no snow this time so we're not disappointed again.

I will be summarising these projects in the following posts in an attempt to inspire you to pick up your needles and have a wardrobe you enjoy.

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