Tuesday, 12 February 2013

‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not …. believe to be beautiful’

Where ever possible I try and stick to this part of the famous William Morris quote.
I did not love my current slippers. They were functional leather moccasins with a nice pink/ purple cord but unfortunately had rather been scrimped on leather and so had worn away from the cord. Hence I needed new slippers.

Having looked at about 100 pairs online I did not see one pair that I liked. So more thinking needed. My favourite slippers of all time were the felt pair that I made in 2005, Monet inspired and a real delight. Image on my website! I have worn them up and as I am in the middle of a felt hat period - workshop etc I am not taking on another felting project.

Then I remembered that my friend Sally Williams has Icelandic wool to knit slippers and then felt in the washing machine. So I now have the most gorgeous comfortable warm pair of slippers. I enjoyed knitting them and added matching leather soles (as I did the Monet slippers previously). I am delighted with them.

Sally keeps a pedigree flock of Icelandic sheep in the Peak District and uses their natural coloured yarn and her own plant dyed yarn to produce a range of knitted and felted woollen products including bags, fingerless gloves, snoods. She also has yarn, fleece & kits; well worth a look at www.dewsnapswoollens.co.uk

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