Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Day 28 Creativity - Inkle Woven Boot Laces

Day 28 Creativity - Inkle Woven Boot Laces

My (and Michael's) walking boot laces have been very successful. They are strong and what is even better is that they are flat - not round- and so they stay done up. They fit into my category of useful and beautiful (to me anyway). They have sparked some conversations when out walking which has been nice.

 I have now decided to make another air in a striking bluey colour with black edging - for my other walking boots.  I love them just as much and am making good progress with the first one. They are being made in 4 ply cotton, picked up 'for a snip' from Metropolitan Machine Knitting ( when we lived in Cheshire.

Weaving in progress:

Each lace can be completed in two to three evenings!

I think while I have the pattern in my head I will do a light coffee/ black pair too as my 'go to' boots for winter and  spring, summer and autumn have the dreaded round laces!
The boots are black with lovely embroidered eyelet holes for the laces but the embroidery is in light coffee!!!


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