Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Day 27 Creativity - Tissue Holder

Besides always carrying a fine embroidered linen, crocheted edged handkerchief (blog of 15 August 2015), I also like to carry a few tissues with me but I do not like the little packets of tissues you can buy- they work out very expensive compared to a box and they are not 'a thing of beauty'.
So searching around for ideas I adapted a design. I have no idea where it came from now!
This is the finished item,


Working out the neatest way to make it and the ideal size ( as small as possible but yet functional) took quite a bit of planning. But once the planning is done and a sample made, the actual item went well. I used up some of my stash - I think the remnant of a dress in the 60s and the outer section has fine interfacing to give some support. Another success utilising both the overlocker and 'normal' sewing machine as well as some hand stitching.
I think this is a 'thing of beauty ' in my bag and also easy to refill.

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