Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spinning at Unst Heritage Centre

Somehow I have managed to miss out the most exciting day of the first week of our holiday on Unst!!  the Friday when I went spinning with the ladies at Unst Heritage Centre. The morning was spent at Hagdale Horse Mill a fascinating place to visit , then lunch at one of our favourite beaches – Norwick. Then I went to the Heritage Centre and found two delightful ladies with their wheels, lots of knitted lace to look at, newspaper cuttings, knitting patterns, books of Shetland Knitting etc and they were going to demonstrate and help with some techniques. I had my fold up Ashford Joy wheel with me and this was an item of interest. During the afternoon, I tried a Shetland Wheel ( hard work with a very small wheel) and Minnie tried my Joy. It was great fun. Several other visitors arrived during the afternoon and we learnt a great cast on from Ann. I only had kebab sticks with me (from my shoe box hand spindle lazy kate) but they worked well.
This is Annie using a knitting belt and showing  us the cast on.
I was taken up with spinning but several of the visitors learnt lace stitches and were delighted to be started off on scarf knitting.
It was a wonderful afternoon and it went far too quickly.

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