Friday, 2 November 2012

A great book find in Scalloway and more

Coming to the end of our week at Nesting now. We were treated to a glorious sunny morning so set off towards Burra. We stopped on Scalloway ( as we hadn't done that before) and would you believe it there was a second hand book shop and even better there was a knitting machine book that I didn't have!
So the book was purchased and after a quick coffee it was time to search out Meal beach. What a delightful place this was, sand real blue sea and lots of shoreline photo opportunities. (One of these is being translated into a jumper/ cardigan. More later as it is in an early planning stage.)
A view of the glorious sea from the beach

Then back to our chalet to pack up but I was surprised and delighted when Barbara (Ridland)) rang and we were able to fix up to have lunch tomorrow. It was too long since we last met in Fife when she ran a stunning machine knitting course at what is now Jeanette Sendler's
After some packing up I returned to Margaret for an assessment of my fine spinning progress. I was really pleased with her great comments as I know they were honest. Continuing to practise my modified technique is something to look forward to when I am home.
In the evening I finished the pattern of the small alpaca neck scarf, just an edge and casting off on a bigger needle to go. Hurrah, this has been more time consuming and complicated than I thought initially.

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