Friday, 16 November 2012

Leaving Shetland

This was our last day, we were booked on the overnight ferry to Aberdeen. So after a leisurely breakfast we drove back from Braewick, stopping for coffee in a delightful spot overlooking a patch of water with swans. Eventually we arrived in Lerwick and parked in the Museum car park overlooking the old quay. It was relatively quiet and a great opportunity for last minute photos. I did manage another trip into the Museum to look at the textile exhibits in greater depth & a spot of shopping before afternoon tea.

Just look at this for a great little notebook for a knitwear fanatic!

Then it was on to the ferry terminal. We had dinner booked for 6.45 and a window seat arranged so we were really looking forward to that despite the fact that the captain stated the sea crossing was officially ‘rough’. However it seemed calmer than going out, perhaps because the swell was behind us. It was quite interesting to view!

I had a plan to visit Linton Tweed’s in Carlisle on the journey back home so not quite the end of this textile adventure!

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