Monday, 19 October 2009

exercise and a new you

The papers seem full of 'exercise' at the moment. I am not a gym person and quite liked some of the ideas for alternatives eg. walking. Ramblers seem to be offering a 12 week(free) Get Walking, Keep Walking plan and you can do 3 trial walks before deciding whether to join them. But the one that really appealed to me was the idea of Green Gyms, these are run by BTCV ( who used to be called British Trust for Conservation Volunteers). There are 100 of these green gyms around the country , they meet for up to 4 hours and have a break for a tea and more chat. ( There are several groups in Staffordshire and Cheshire.
Then today I see an article on 'The great gym myth'. In summary, research into obesity is showing that the benefits of exercise for weight loss have been overstated. Some interesting reading (Times 19.10.09:Exercise? A fat lot of good that is if you want to lose weight.' I love a few raisins for a 'healthy' snack but the article tells me that it takes 21 minutes of aerobics to use up those 123 claories. The theme of the article is to watch what you are eating when thinking body size.
It all goes to show that we need to dress for the body we have, not the one we hope to have. That way whe can look good and feel great on the inside every day. There's no need to wait until we have the body that we dream of, it might take a long time. We might as well be happy every day.

Don't forget to watch Gok on Tuesday at 8pm. He's working with a 37 year old paramedic.

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