Friday, 30 October 2009

An edgy autumn look?

Fancy updating your look for autumn? How about some boots, trousers and a jacket?

If you can't see yourself in the thigh boots that we're told are just the thing, then think about some shoe boots. It sounds as if the weather might be cold and wet so they'll meet these challenges. There's a lot of variety out there so you'll be able to find a pair to suit your colouring, style and personality.

This one's in Topshop.

How about teaming this with a great pair of cropped trousers. There are some great pairs around that will go with the boots. Have a look at the ones in Reiss and Coast for some ultra smart ones that would be great.

Then complete the look with a jacket. The short legged amongst us will do well to go for a short or cropped jacket. Depending on your body shape and how dramatic you want to be, work out just how much you want to embrace the 'shoulders'.

How about doing some virtual shopping before you hit the shops. Don't forget to look at the fashion in the newspapers as well as in your favourite online stores.

So boots, trousers, jacket - a great look combined like this and also as a core around which to add pieces from your current wardrobe and add to later in the season. Treat yourself. You'll look current and feel great about yourself.

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