Monday, 10 December 2018

Shetland Wool Week Day 24 and 25: An Extra Day

Tues 2 Oct and Wed 3 Oct 

We were to leave on the Tuesday evening ferry however as it was forecast to be gale conditions we swapped to the Wednesday. We were surprised, the lovely lady at the ferry  terminal was so sure it would be calmer then.  It didn’t take any persuading to have an extra day in such a wonderful place. So my last minute ‘Textile’ shopping could be spread over two days.
Tuesday was windy and we decided to use the morning as part of the shopping day and for the rest of the day I read and enjoyed myself doing more fine lace knitting of the Dunella Scarf. I had hardly touched this since Wool Week proper had started and after so many days with so many activities a rest day before the drive back to Norfolk was good. 
We did manage lunch in Hay’s Dock, such a beautiful place to sit and look out to sea. This turned out to be our last lunch ever there as it was closed later in the year as unfortunately it was not making a profit. A sad loss for Lerwick and Wool Week. However, I do understand and there are now many more lovely places to eat in town than there used to be. 
It was a windy night as we went to bed and we parked the van in the lee of the building. After midnight the wind dropped considerably, so perhaps Wed  night would be much calmer. 
We do get fantastic views from our mainland ‘home’, this is a couple  of them on the day we were leaving 
 Wonderful Reflections

The skies are pretty spectacular too

On Wednesday we treated ourselves to our last second breakfast at Mackenzie’s for the year. I wondered how I would break myself of this habit once home! I completed the textile shopping in Lerwick, buying some coned machine yarn form Jamieson and Smiths and had a lovely coffee in the Dowry.
I just love this ‘knitting’ Tote from Jamieson’s shop which I also visited: 

To stop us feeling too sad we decided to go somewhere ‘new to us’. Chris Dyer had pointed out some places on mainland to M when he was on the Croft trip. We decided to investigate the Lerwick one and drove down sea road until it looked interesting.
So close to town and so different. We had lunch there and it was  a lovely way to end the holiday. The only problem was I took no photos. Once at the ferry terminal we were through to the holding yard and on the ferry fairly soon- we are often nearly the last on. We knew nobody in the lounge, which was unusual but rather nice. The crossing was calm and neither of us even heard the clanking that accompanies the stop in Kirkwall. 3 days of travelling through Scotland and England and we would be home. 

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