Monday, 10 October 2016

Shetland Day Three- Alloa, bookmark knitting and cochineal

A lovely drive over the A66 into Cumbria with mist on the hills and then SCOTLAND. As Perth camping and caravan site was full ( can you believe it) we stayed at Alloa- just east of Sterling. 

It was National Spinning in Public day and I thought initially  I would spin at Southwaite services - seemed like I would just be entertaining myself  so decided to spin at the campsite when we got there. Lots of vehicles but nobody around.... so I determined to spin on the Ferry the next evening. 

Fortunately I am able to knit while being a passenger, helped these days by a Sat Nav, knowing where we were going and clear motorway signs thus having few interruptions. I was pleased with how the Norfolk Horn bookmark was progressing. Attempt Four was a success. I was knitting a Norwick Drummie Bee motif in the centre from the Unst  xx booklet that I saw launched in Wool Week 2014. It is a really super booklet ( giving knitting instructions translated from old Unst  knitwear ). Again I am linking Norfolk  and Shetland in a piece and I will love using the finished bookmark. 


I rarely read fiction, and have always preferred fact books! I have been reading around   Cochineal, particularly in relation to dyeing - historically - in Norfolk. I have come across a delightful book Cochineal - 'Amy Butler-Greenfield : A Perfect Red'.  It is a gripping book and well researched, so much in it that I did not know. Highly recommended if you are interested in Cochineal. 


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