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Shetland 2016: Day Eleven Haps and the Opening Ceremony

25th Sept

The plan was to have a restful day and then finish off with the Opening Ceremony for Wool Week that started  at 18.30. However plans changed after Hazel explained how good she expected the Haps ( and Sunday Tea) to be at Ollaberry Hall. Local haps (1) never seen before were  going to be shown. We had not been up to that part of mainland before so decided we could fit it in and still have time for a snack before I went to the opening ceremony. 

We had an early lunch and then went  to Ollaberry Hall so we're there for the opening time.  Just as we were leaving the van, a fellow Wool Weeker ( from Germany) asked if we would mind if she could talk to us about our motorhome. We love our motorhome and the layout suits us so well that we were more than happy to show it off to her. (2) Wool Week is great for finding out all sorts of stuff!

Once we got in the hall we could see there were lots and lots of haps ( I heard the number 70 being mentioned) but before I got into serious looking I noticed some wooden glove boards on the sales table. Too good to be true so I had to treat myself to such a useful item. I have to say I was very tempted to buy a jumper board and I also noticed a shawl frame on the stage of the Hall. 
I then started looking at the haps, there was such a variety and what was really nice was the stories by each one. It is this detail that really helps place an item and to value it even more- if that is possible. There were some local ladies spinning and  I got chatting to one of them explaining that I too was a spinner - liking best to spin very very fine. She mentioned that one of her fleece was for sale- under the table where the glove boards had been. I definitely did not need another fleece- I have a fleece shed and there are not really any spaces on the shelves. I went to look at this fleece straight away, it was the most glorious greyish and the crimp was superb? However, I had a plan for some of this so decided it was too good to miss.  I also couldn't resist a super pottery diz too. 

By this time the tables were filling up so we took a plate and tried not to choose too much food through it did look delicious and sat down to enjoy. 
General view giving. Feel for the tea and a few of the haps
I needed to look carefully at the remaining haps etc as I didn't want to miss any, as each is unique and there is so much to learn by studying them. But I was conscious that we needed to get back to Lerwick.

I was hoping to call in at the Bod Before it closed as I decided that if I had another ball of the Organics lace weight yarn I would be able to knit the Sanik Shawl by Donna Smith. The pattern was in this year's annual. We managed to make it before closing time. I picked up yarn with the same code as before but the observant lady on the till noticed that I had picked up cream  and she remembered I had bought light grey the day before. How lucky was that - apparently the code is something to do with the spinning, anyway I got another light grey! 

So we went and  parked in the Leisure Centre Car Park so I could have a snack and a bit of a rest before the evening. 
A few fellow members of the Online Guild of Weavers,  Spinners and Dyers had arranged to meet in the queue for the Opening Ceremony. This year Margaret Parker the convener of the group was there too. As planned several of us met (in all during the evening I think Barbro from Sweden, Maggie who has a son living in Shetland, Katherine from Kentucky and Gloria   with other friends met up ) (3)  and Margaret was organised with an Online Guild sign for the table so others could find  during the evening. I wore the Meadowsweet jumper and of course the crofthoose hat.(4) I was surprised how many people came to talk to me about my jumper and a couple even asked if they could take photos of me! 
Margaret and I going in - not sure who took this, it appeared on my FB page! 
 The Opening Ceremony was much changed from when I attended in 2014. There were lots of tables set out and the Hall was massive. 
This gives an idea of the size of the hall. 
There was entertainment throughout the evening, wine on entering food on the table with a sheet giving its local provenance and a lovely atmosphere. The evening started with the Lerwicks  Jarl's Squad and included during the evening : ; music items from members of Hjaltibonhoga; a talk on Shetland food; a fashion show from Shetland designers presentation by Garry Jamieson about the development of Jamieson's Mill in Sandness. 
I crept out during the concluding question and answer session as it was getting late.
Michael had planned to walk around Clickimin Loch but it was cold and windy and now getting dark quite early. Fortunately, he had been lent the three 'Hunger Games' Books and as an avid reader was quite happy. I am hoping to persuade him to join me at the Opening Ceremony next year which I think he will enjoy. 
My mind was buzzing as we drove back and I was glad that my class tomorrow was after lunch

(1) A hap. To give a definition can't be done in a sentence, other than to say it is a Scottish word for an everyday wrap or shawl. I would like to point you to Kate Davies beautiful book  'The book of Haps'. As always it is more than a book of glorious patterns but a book to treasure about the history of Shetland haps. 
(2) Our  motorhome is a Wildax Aurora Leisure built by a brilliant  firm in Elland :
(3) Apologies if I missed you out , let me know and I will correct! Jenni was on Yell weaving and Sue from Berkshire was around somewhere
(4) The Wool Week hat- each year the Patron of Wool Week designs a hat- this year it was Ella Gordon who designed the crofthoose hat ( see post of 12 Sept 16 ) and given that it was thought there were 400 people at wool week, very few of the hats would be the same! So lovely to see them all. 


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