Sunday, 7 August 2011

Finished red knit cardigan

It's finished!

I love it, it's beyond expectation:
Just the colour I wanted
It's very versatile and can look incredibly smart or smart casual depending on what it is teamed with.
A great style for my body shape
and also well made (compared to many bought ones!) and unique

... and now I've worn this one in public total strangers have asked me where I've bought it from - fantastic.
Now to order teal yarn from Yeoman's for another one of this third stage design. But my next planned knitting project is a Fair Isle jumper for my DH - much planning needed for this.


  1. Nice shaping. Did you knit this on a standard gauge machine and did you use pattern software to create the pattern, or draft it yourself?

  2. Sorry for delay, August taken up with hospitals and then recovery of my DH. Yes, it is on a standard gauge machinge - no pattern software, an adaption of a pattern by Ann Brown of Posh Frocks