Monday, 24 January 2011

The Coat Stage 2 – the toile

Make calico toile and place on my duplicate body. (This counts as one of my top dressmaking tools as it is my exact shape and size (even down toy neck circumference), has my proportions and is my height.

At this stage I realise much needs be done.

So alterations to toile are made:
Princess seams over bust taken in
Back bodice seam adjusted to the curve of my back
Side seams taken in of the skirt-this is so wide I look even shorter than I am.
Sleeves are bell shape, they need taking in
Sleeves are too short they need lengthening (I thought I had short arms!)
Coat length is too short
Back seam of coat sticks out like a tail, needs taking in so the coat hangs vertical.
Skirt of coat does not have enough ease - ie too tight, needs letting out at the sides so as not to disrupt the good fit on the front

Wow - no wonder I have struggled to find a coat to fit!
Alterations now made to toile - now a great fit and has style, even though it is calico!

Looking forward to making the actual coat now.

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