Monday, 5 November 2018

Shetland Wool Week 2018: Day 14: The start of wool week

Sat 21 Sept 

The severe wind had died down in the night and we had slept well.
The plan had been to get the 9.45 Ferry from Unst, go to Frankie's Fish and Chip shop in Brae for lunch, then on to Ollaberry for the opening day of their ‘
happening’. We would then have a light supper and on to Terri Laura’s Creative Crew fb Group who were going to meet up in Teamore. Finally we would go down to Cunningsburgh where we would spend the rest of the time in Shetland. 

However, we realised that this seemed a bit like a recipe for disaster as I had a full day workshop booked for the next day. So we rescheduled Ollaberry for later in the week and this would allow me to stop at the Hub and pick up this year’s annual.

It was still quite breezy but a lovely  bright day.

A view from the ferry from Unst to Yell, just after the first ‘sea wash’ of the van on the crossing

I was glad we had gone for a less eventful journey as I was feeling like I might get a bad migraine, so I tried my first line of defence which is eating more and have found that if that ‘more’ is cake it helps a lot so we made coffee at Gutcher. 

After arriving at Toft we took the west road with the good views of Sullum  Voe to Brae where the famous Frankie’s is.(1) As always the fish and chips did not disappoint and we wondered if we could fit in another visit later in the week when we were going on to Ollaberry. This journey takes me back to my science text book writing days in the early 1990’s. I always tried to site the science in context and decided the part of GCSE concerned with oil had to be linked to Shetland. I must have had Shetland knitting  ‘in my blood’ even then as I included  a full page about life in Shetland including an image of a spinner! 
Part of the page! 

The next stop was Hay’s Dock and the Hub. The Hub  was very busy and I wondered just how many people might be coming to Wool Week. It was  great to catch up with Avril,  who we had met on the ferry up from Aberdeen. She told me, with some excitement, she was now officially a ‘spinner’ having had classes during the proceeding  week. I collected the annual and it looks another superb publication. It is great to see the work of a young designer Alyssa Malcolmson on the cover.

Then down to the  campsite where we would be based for 11 nights and a quick snack before going to find a parking spot near Teamore and to meet up with Terri Laura who I chatted to at her Gran’s in the summer. Also it would be good to meet others whom I only recognised names of and possibly their knitting! It was a lovely evening, a great start to Wool Week and a lovely idea of Terri’s. Also why can’t all bus station cafes be like this one, Teamore would certainly win on ambience and friendly staff if there was a competition. No other cafe at a bus station I know comes anywhere near this one. 

Thanks to Terri for taking this image, which gives you the idea of what it was like, I am in pink on the right.

1. Frankie’s win National awards for their fish and chips. There is a small sit in restaurant but they do a well insulated take away version too. Lots of choice. Deserves the praise.
You can phone up and order a time when you will collect your meal. 
2. Alyssa is one of the young talented designers in Shetland. She is now 17 and started going to the ‘Makkin’ an’ Yaakin’ group at the school in Lerwick. She is now studying mechanical engineering at college in Shetland. She has a Ravelry and Instagram presence if you wish to look up more of her designs. she is Wilma Malcolmson’s niece. 

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