Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sunday 12th October the last 'official' day of Wool Week

It was a lovely morning but cold as we drove to Hoswick where Elizabeth Johnson and Nella (www.nielanell.com) were having an 'At Peace' lunch. Lots of people were having a really leisurely time using all sorts of equipment. I had just popped in to have a chat as I was actually on my way to another event and had not booked to spend the day there - not enough time to do everything one wants in Wool Week! It was great to meet Lucy (of broken boat fame) again and talk to Jock(?) who was spinning on a Turkish spindle like mine. Elizabeth and I duly 'caught up' on news and all too soon it was time to leave.
A view of the ‘At Peace Day’

This is Lucy’s hat – it shows her journey to Shetland in Fair Isle- it is so clever.

We found a nice spot for lunch and then it was on to Whiteness and Weisdale Hall where Shetland Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and Dyers were having an exhibition and doing their famous Shetland teas. I took my wheel and sat with members of the Guild, who welcomed me to spin with them. I was spinning very finely. My wheel ( Ashford Joy double treadle) was of much interest being very different from  the usual Shetland wheels. These have much smaller wheels said to because wood was so scarce on Shetland. The afternoon was very busy and the ladies did an amazing service with the cakes and teas. If you are interested in this sort of fine lace then do look out for this book containing 21 projects designed by members of this Guild: A Legacy of Shetland Lace available from The Shetland Times.

A view of the hall showing some of the stunning exhibits.

The work in the exhibition was stunning and was the perfect end of a perfect week.
We then drove back down to Levenwick for our last night on Shetland - for 2014 anyway!

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