Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday October 7th Migraine in Shetland!

I guess it was inevitable that after such an action packed day yesterday I would wake with a very bad migraine. ( I was suffering from chronic migraine and just so pleased I had managed to get to Shetland). So decisions had to be taken and reluctantly we had to cancel our tour of the organic croft  Uradale while I took my medication and waited. We needed to travel up to Unst during the day ready for the highlight of my trip the Lace Knitting workshop on Wednesday. Michael drove us up , I can't remember much about the day other than it was less windy than yesterday. When we arrived at Gardiesfauld Youth Hostel the weather was good and I decided to take more seaweed photos and to try and clear my head by walking along the beach. We had company, Sally Anthill and Michael (from Brampton) were camping also. All attempts at getting rid of my migraine had failed - sleeping, eating, fresh air, lesser painkillers so I went to bed early with a triptan and fingers crossed for tomorrow. Unst is too nice a place to have a migraine!
Seaweed that will be inspiration for yarn or weaving - or both

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