Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday 3rd October Moving onto Mainland

Well last night was quite exciting. I was hibernating with a migraine but the tide never showed any signs of moving down to low tide - ie it was so stormy that it gave the impression it was a continual high tide and was so close to the quay and our van that Michael decided to move the van higher up and behind the Youth Hostel. Suddenly it was SO much quieter as the wind was missing! It also gave us the opportunity for our first 'wild camp' ie no hook up and relying on the LPG and insulation of the van ( one of its selling features!). We had a very good night's sleep and in the morning it was just wet. I felt a whole lot better - in fact a different person and the only thing I needed mains electricity for ie the hostel was the hair dryer and straighteners! Message to self to look for some 12 volt versions for later 'wild camping' forays!
Then even the rain stopped. We decided to get an early ferry from Unst and were dismayed when a massive lorry turned up and thought we stood no chance of getting on the ferry ..... but we did as the men working on the ferries are brilliant at their job. During the wait I booked the ferries for next week so no worries about that.
This is our van that I keep talking about about at the ferry point on Unst.

It was a day for booking, we had lunch at Hay's Dock Cafe Restaurant again - look at this fantastic cockleshell lace inset into a table at the restaurant. All the tables have some beautiful work like this with the owner's name displayed by the till where you pay - just one such brilliant idea that makes the place so special. This beautiful cockleshell mini scarf is by Jan Sawford. So several lunches and dinner for next week booked.

Then onto Levenwick and our other campsite for our stay in Shetland. This is South of Lerwick on the main road towards the airport and quite high up, so no fear or high tides. Quite a sharp turn of the road. Again we were the only residents. A wonderful view.

The warden, John, turned up to meet us at 8 a very friendly man who discussed the mayhem being caused in the village by the invading twitchers looking for the Siberian ruby throat in his neighbours garden!

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