Monday, 13 August 2012

Unst Heritage Centre

This was open from 11.00am on Sunday so a visit was essential so we could plan the week! Entrance was £2 for one visit or £5 for a season ticket with multiple visits to this and the Boat Museum as well- phenomenal value, so of course I am now the proud owner of a season ticket.

Since our last visit the Heritage Centre had moved into a larger building, it was previously Haroldswick School. The Heritage Centre had a wonderful selection of fine lace items and spinning tools as well and there was much more on display than when I was there previously.  There was also a workshop room at the back. Local ladies use this room to demonstrate spinning and knitting on Friday afternoons – so that had to be on the week’s plan. There was  also a great 'shop' and lots more of interest.

So more visits were planned during the week and the volunteer said I could bring my wheel and spin too on Friday afternoon -  so exciting ! I did a small bit to help the funds with a few great cards, a booklet about the museum and one about Unst fine lace. The cover of ‘A Stitch in Time’ a wonderful booklet about Knitting in Unst.

 This was such a great place and to be staying so close for a full week! AND guess what there was a great tea shop down the road overlooking Harold’s Wick ( a bay) The tea shop is  Northern Lights and had  yet more craft work on display - the cakes look stunning and moreover are delicious I understand, such a pity only Michael could have one. We plan to stop here again – this is the view!

This is a link to the Heritage Centre (and Unst in general )

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