Thursday, 23 December 2010

7 tips for achieving glitz, dazzle and wow for Christmas parties

Wearing Black
Having been to parties recently most people – well ladies - seem to be wearing black! I've chatted to several about this and the reasons behind wearing the black seem to be related to ‘it goes with anything’ and ‘I wear this when I don’t know what to wear and often then follow this will ‘I know no-one should wear black next to their face’. Well the latter is not true! Some people look great with black near their face but for others this is not the best for them. If black is not your best colour next to your face and you still want to wear it then be careful about the fabric, add some sparkle, ensure it is lower cut style or try and put some colour by it. However, wearing black is likely to ensure you merge into the background.
Colour near your face
Part of the wow factor is wearing colour near your face. Getting the colour right will really make a difference to your overall look. There is a great misconception is that if you know if you have warm or cool toned skin then you know what colours to wear near your face. This is very simplistic and can land you still looking decidedly ill! Three factors are important when choosing this colour : the undertone (warm to cool), the depth (light to dark) and the clarity (bright to muted). Once you know where you sit in each of these ranges then getting a great colour is easy! That’s why a fully personal colour analysis is such a great aid for you.
There’s nothing like sparkle to add to the wow factor at the Christmas/New Year party time. Knowing how colours work for you will enable you to decide whether silver or gold is best or which sparkly colours will add the dazzle factor. Do think where you are adding the sparkle – sparkle and shine can enlarge and a bold sparkly cuff might draw attention to those hips that you have tried so hard to disguise!
When choosing your outfit, don’t forget to include the accessories too. It is the overall look that will wow, so think about the bag, for example if you will be holding this all the time.
With evening temperatures (and day time ones too) well below zero, keeping warm without compromising your overall look is important. A shawl /wrap/ scarf can be just the thing. You can gain added warmth but choosing one with a high percentage of wool/cashmere/mohair. Try and find a limited edition or unique piece to help you stand out from the crowd. My cobweb shawl weighs only 88g, is so fine it goes through a wedding ring and is SO warm – details of more of my unique quality items can be found at
Overall impression
Aim to check your overall look the day before – this gives you time for some tweaking! Include the accessories too; then check from head to toe. Look in a full length mirror – where does your eye go first? Is this where you want it to go?
While you’re looking in the mirror, do you like what you see? If the answer is ‘not really’, this is the message you will be giving to others at the party! Your appearance can only say so much, your body language and how you talk will speak for you too! The final wow for you will come from ‘your energy’, if you have this too then perhaps you feel you would like to be with you! If this is so, others will too.
Have a great party! If you need help with your image- your appearance, your inner image of yourself or would like to learn how to develop a unique wardrobe, or purchase special pieces then contact me.
Happy Christmas to you all, the next post will be tips on making effective buys at the sales.

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